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When you read Executive Advantage…Think the depth and breadth of your company and the vast array of solutions now available at your fingertips. When you read Performance…Think “Execution”. High performance solutions supercharging all facets of your organization…a competitive edge if you will. The creation of a ship with all crew….no passengers.

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ARE YOU UNDER THE “MONDAY MICROSCOPE”? Does it seem like your boss stayed up all weekend thinking up weird “Stuff” for you to do that adds absolutely no value to your job? Does itkeep you from doing what really needs to be done? If you are the boss that keeps thinking up this “stuff”, do

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The Office of Thinking up Weird Sh*!… Errr, I mean “Stuff”!!

ABOLISH! “The Office of Thinking up Weird Sh*!… Errr, I mean “Stuff”!! Yes, you know what I am talking about! You have all painfully experienced it! These are the people that lurk at “corporate” and love to think up more and more useless, time-wasting stuff to pile onto your workload…or they wouldn’t have a job!

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Performance Dashboards

Performance dashboards are very valuable to a slew of professionals far and wide.  They are basically a tool which allows companies to transform their goals and expectations into actual strategies, actions and tasks that are different for each person within the company.  This allows each person to have customized tasks which they must accomplish in

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Executive Coaching

All world-class athletes have a coach. Not because the coach is smarter or knows more about their abilities or sport, but because the coach encourages, challenges, helps them envision their greatest potential and holds them accountable. Executive Coaching helps get your business running at peak performance and helps keep your business skills sharp.

Hire Right the First Time

Executive Advantage in strategic partnership with 360 Solutions offers you a suite of Assessments that are not merely responsive to the immediate situation but also can help identify potential problems and ensure future progress. CEO's, Managers, Supervisors, Human Resource Professionals alike rely on 360 Solutions Assessments to evaluate potential and existing employees.

High Performance Training

We can partner with you to create the perfect solution to meet your business needs. Our wide range of highly effective products offer proven solutions for employee and business development strategies. Every program comes with a detailed leader's guide, customizable Power Point and comprehensive student workbooks.

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“Engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave an organization. Unfortunately, only 6% of today’s employees are highly engaged.”