Accountability Series

“Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.”

Marcus Aureluis

Challenge yourself to be successful

Growth is an ongoing process that requires conscientious and continuous focus. It calls for a consistent and dedicated effort to sustain new insights and live the life you truly desire. For this purpose, the Accountability Series was created. By sustaining and deepening the life changes you have made from your initial growth stages with accountability, you can continue the eternal process of fulfilling your passions, purpose and principles and see your dreams become reality.

The Accountability Series was created to help graduates of Life Quest and Life Strategies sustain and deepen the changes they have committed to. Participants meet as a group to share successes, review key concepts from each program and clarify commitments for the future. New topics will be introduced to supplement and expand upon what participants have already learned.

Series participants will also be introduced to a new topic and learn new skills in every session. The topics are chosen because they supplement and expand upon what participants have already learned in the Life Quest and Life Strategies courses. Like our courses, the Accountability Series is designed to be high energy, interactive and experiential so participants can internalize the principles and skills and apply them in day-to-day living. Since participants have approximately four weeks between each session, participants should be able to develop good mastery over the skills before moving on to the next.

Never before has a learning experience contained so much. As participants are about to discover, the Accountability Series combines the best of new information with a group process that will have a tremendous impact on their life.

In this program, participants will learn the following:

  • Creative Visualization – Use imagery to modify your feelings and behavior as well as mentally rehearse and accomplish your life’s vision.
  • Power of Commitment – Act from commitment rather than obligation, and experience the power to produce the results your desire.
  • Sustaining Change – Do a personal inventory on where you are on your Life Quest journey and create a plan to propel you forward.
  • Overcoming Tolerations – Eliminate all of those things that you put up with that drain your energy and distract you from your goals.
  • Intentional Living – Be fully conscious and proactive as you make decisions about how you will live and make use of your time.
  • Empowering Beliefs – Recognize that beliefs define your experience and choose to live from a set of beliefs that empower you in Iiving “on purpose.”
  • Stress-Free – Learn techniques of mind, body and soul to get rid of stress so you are prepared to be your best.
  • Assertiveness – Be clear about your needs and wants, and find ways to take care of them in an atmosphere of respect.
  • Rewrite Your Script – Recognize old, weakening scripts handed to you by others and write a life-script that captures your highest self.
  • A Life of Joy – Rejuvenate your soul by bringing joy into your life on a daily basis.