Compass Program

As you attend the compass series you will develop knowledge and skills that will significantly increase your personal effectiveness and ability to successfully lead others. You will develop habits of success that will make you a more capable person as well as a valuable employee.

Each workshop lasts three to four hours and consists of a mixture of lecture and more importantly, high-energy, interactive exercises to help you internalize the principles and apply the lessons to your workplace experience. Meeting monthly will give you the opportunity to practice the concepts before moving on to the next workshop. Topics include Change Management, Diversity and more.

A results based learning process

The Compass Series Program utilizes a Spaced Repetition Learning process through a facilitated format that is proven to help people internalize the principles and apply the lessons to the work environment. This 12-module comprehensive program developed by 360Solutions uses high energy and interactive exercises that can be used in “Open Forum” or tailored to your unique needs and delivered at your work site.

Attendees are fully engaged and accountable. When the modules are learned and practiced a real transformation or marked change in performance takes place. This transformation typically results in more knowledgeable and productive employees. These workshops are essential for any of your employees especially supervisors or persons who may become supervisors.