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kevin speaking

Kevin Leonard is an expert in his field, a speaker, a highly acclaimed strategist, and performance leader, whose results show up on the bottom line, maximizing both productivity and personal – professional satisfaction.

The difference between inviting the right speaker and just any speaker is the difference between the success and failure of your next event. For a high voltage, interactive session that’s as bottom-line effective and content-rich, as it is motivational and entertaining, you need a respected authority, a cutting-edge expert and an unforgettable speaker and trainer. Why settle for just a motivational speaker?

When you hire Kevin, your audience leaves energized, entertained, educated and alive with possibilities, and armed with PMA! (Positive Mental Attitude!)

Some of the speaking topics covered:

  • Soooo…HOW THE *#@! DID THAT HAPPEN???
  • Hocus Pocus…Now Let’s Focus!
  • Snipe Hunting
  • Stop! We’re Thinking Too Hard!
  • Emotional Intel…Ya Gotta Have It!
  • Go Green!…Adding More Green To Your Bottom Line
  • Rantings From The Head Coach
  • Your Custom Presentation!